Our Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness of local events that promote social justice and environmental causes, as well as events that increase political engagement in general. In our experience, many people in North Bay do want to be involved in making our community, and our world, a better place – but they often don’t know where to start!

What We Post

We have to be selective at ActivismNB to avoid cluttering up our schedule with events that veer from our main focus. As such, the following list provides guidelines for the kinds of events we post. Please note that feedback is welcome and appreciated about these criteria. To provide feedback, please visit the contact page.

General guidelines for what we post:

  • Events for progressive causes (social justice, environment, animal welfare, workers’ rights, LGBTQ2S+ rights, racial inequality, justice for First Nation/Metis/Inuit people, etc.)

  • Events that allow citizens to have political influence

  • Events easily accessible to those in North Bay and surrounding area (including events in other cities whereby free transportation to those cities is available)
    Note: we define “surrounding area” as places within approximately 20 minutes driving distance from North Bay

  • Events that focus on systemic changes

Types of events we post:

  • Rallies, marches, protests, and demonstrations of various kinds

  • Information seminars directly related to activism and/or politics

  • Meetings set up to exchange information about, or strategize for, activist events

  • Events related to government processes, including elections

What we do not post:

  • Events from for-profit organizations

  • Events that charge an admission fee

  • Self-help groups

  • Concerts/performances/art exhibitions that do not directly relate to activist work

  • Workshops that do not directly relate to activist work

  • Fundraisers* that do not directly relate to activist work

*A note on fundraisers: although there are many valuable fundraisers important to the great work done by local organizations, we want to make sure we are using our platform to amplify events the most in line with our sites’ objectives. Fundraisers occur with great frequency, and sometimes blur the line between a focus on entertainment and a focus on fundraising. Furthermore, some fundraisers fundraise for important organizations but have potentially detrimental consequences as a result of the fundraising activities themselves. Creating distinctions between fundraisers has been particularly difficult for us, so feedback is especially appreciated on this issue.